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Missing 'Fault In Our Stars' bench in Amsterdam to be replaced

Amsterdam city council has promised to replace a bench made famous by the film The Fault In Our Stars after the original one mysteriously vanished.

The spot where the bench stood on Leidsegracht has become a site of pilgrimage for fans of the film.City officials say they have no idea what happened to the bench on Leidsegracht, which went missing after the film was shot last summer, but believe devoted fans may have spirited it away.

“It was an old bench. It could have been wrenched away with a bit of force,” a spokesman told local TV station AT5.

The spot where the bench stood has become a favourite place for fans of the film to pose for selfies and is included in walking sightseeing tours.

The Fault In Our Stars, a teen romance focusing on the love between two seriously ill young cancer patients, has become a cult hit since it opened in the US cinemas in June, grossing more than $100 million in its first four weeks.

The bench is the scene of a kiss between the protagonists, who visit Amsterdam to track down the writer of a novel that has acquired totemic significance among their cancer support group.

The city council has pledged to replace the bench before the film’s Dutch release on July 10.